Newspapers Committee & Digitizing Partners Forum

Committee Charge and Forum Purpose

Darren Poley Darren G. Poley, Chair

The Catholic Newspapers Committee is charged with establishing a program that will identify, locate, document, preserve and digitize North American Catholic newspapers, working systematically and collaboratively with CRRA members, digitizing partners, scholars, and other associations. The Digitizing Partners Forum provides critical input and support concerning the active digitization of papers of interest.

2019/20 Goals

  • Increase traffic to Catholic News Archive.
    • Lobby for inclusion of CNA in library discovery services.
    • Lobby for inclusion in subject guides.
    • Create promotional material (digital ad/button/banner, newsletter articles) for local use in showcasing the archive (e.g. could be shared with libraries and posted to their intranet, added to LibGuides, other subject guides, etc.).
    • Explore developing a teaching guide for the Catholic News Archive.

2018/19 Accomplishments

  • Identified and reduced barriers for making newspapers available via the Catholic News Archive.
  • Furnished content to be digitized.
  • Initiated development of a teaching module for the Catholic News Archive.
  • Advised the Board of Directors on marketing strategies and new partnerships.


For a list of current Catholic Newspapers Committee members, click here.
For a listing of all CRRA Digitizing Partners, click here.

Past Projects

The Catholic Newspapers Committee often carries out its work through subcommittees and working groups. Past groups provided direction and strategies to guide the emerging Catholic Newspapers Program.

  • The Digitization Agreement Group advised on the scope and content of what legal agreements would be required for obtaining permissions from rights owners for making digitized newspapers available. 
  • The Digitization Specifications Group developed digitization specifications based on national standards and tailored for the CRRA’s Catholic Newspapers Program for use by digitizing partners and CRRA members.
  • In 2013, the Newspaper Directory Group identified, explored and recommended software and hardware solutions for the CRRA Newspaper Directory, which resulted in the submission of metadata for selected Catholic papers to the ICON Database hosted by the Center for Research Libraries, Chicago, IL. 
  • In 2013-14, the Repository Group identified the purposes and priorities for a CRRA repository, and recommended strategies, options, and cost estimates for repository options for newspapers repository, evaluated options, developed Catholic newspapers in digital form. The result was the adoption of the Veridian platform.