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In fall 2015, the CRRA embarked on a fundraising campaign for the Vatican II Years Digitizing Project. As part of the broader goal of building an aggregated, shared Catholic News Archive of digital Catholic newspapers, the Vatican II Project will scan and convert nearly 250,000 pages from 11,700 issues of designated priority newspapers that covered the events before, during, and after the Second Vatican Council (1958-1972).

We are grateful for the generous support from members and partner institutions and are pleased to recognize them as Founders of the Catholic News Archive. If you would like to become a Founder, please contact Jennifer Younger.

CRRA members and partners are the inspiration and driving force of the Catholic Newspapers Program and the digitizing projects. CRRA member and partner investments send a powerful signal on the significance of this project. Just as importantly, member and partner investments made toward a target of $152,000 puts us on the path to reaching the total funding needed to fund the project and continue delivering on our mission of providing enduring global access to Catholic research resources in the Americas.