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March 2019 Catholic News Archive Update

The Catholic News Archive continues to grow in a consistent, healthy way. In March, 5,338 users visited the site for a total of 26.015 pages views. Please see the charts to get a sense of our strong growth trends. 




The most important factors contributing to our growth are: 

1. YOU — As you promote, make links available, and talk about the Catholic News Archive … people visit, bookmark, and use the site. 

2. Content — This last month we added 20,000 more pages of Catholic News Service, Newsfeeds. More content means that there are more stories to be told, more hits in search results, and a higher chance that someone visiting for the first time will find something useful. 

3. Promotion — You can see from the periodic spikes that we’ve had months of focused interest in our collection. Sometimes that’s from mainstream media drawing attention towards us, other times that is from a conference or promotional activity. 


Blog Post Written By Todd Jensen


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