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Today I indexed some of the metadata I extracted yesterday using a script called Of all the scripts I've written so far, this one is the most straight-forward. Read locally-developed XML file. Extract the unique identifier, title, and date. Associate each with VUFind/Solr fields. Commit.

You can (temporarily) see the fruits of these labors because all of the records have been associated with the Eric Lease Morgan Foo Bar Library. The result is a list of container-level records with very little additional information.

By the way, as of today I am running a version of VUFind as retrieved from the development trunk, specifically, revision 3029. When upgrading from revision to revision, it is important to retain one's config.ini file and reindex. The process is not painful, if done infrequently. As time goes on I will also need to retain locally developed hacks, such as the ones I need to write below.

The next steps are to write the MARC record driver so it does not attempt to do automatic look-ups for call numbers, but rather extracts such information from of the local index. A second next step is to write an EAD record driver to accomodate the special cases of... EAD records.

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