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Digital Access Committee (DAC) Meeting

Today we had a CRRA Digital Access Committee (DAC) meeting via the telephone. Attendees included:

  • Ann Hanlon
  • Demian Katz
  • Eric Frierson
  • Eric Morgan
  • Kevin Cawley
  • Pat Lawton
  • Susan Leister
  • Thomas Leonhardt

I did a bit of "Portal" show & tell demonstrating the work done to date on indexing EAD files. (See the previous blog posting.) We then discussed ways the indexing/display could be improved. Suggestions included:

  • putting the words "Archival material" into the format field of the Solr index thus allowing better faceting
  • reading the value of langmaterials and using it as the value for Solr's language fields, again allowing for better faceting
  • reading all of the fields associated with a given container-level element and putting them into Solr's allfields field to improve indexing
  • extracting the last value of our current "title", using it as our title, and using the remaining values as some sort of supplemental description or alternatively, simply reversing the "title" string

We then brainstormed ways to resolve character encoding issues, the feasibility of making our metadata available via Web servers, and the status of the metadata guidelines.

We felt we had discussed it all, so the meeting was over.

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