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How to upgrade VUFind

These are notes (to myself, mostly) on how to upgrade VUFind from a local "sandbox" version to a production version. But they are also documented here, just in case I win the lottery and start enjoying umbrella drinks on some Caribbean island.

We here at "Catholic Portal" Central we generally run two simultaneous versions of VUFind. One is production, and the other is a test/sandbox implementation. Since the both run on the same hardware it is necessary to configure them differently. Here is a list of things I need to change when upgrading from the "sandbox" to production:

  • the HTTP port from 88 to 80
  • the path to the VUFind directory
  • the Jetty port from 8088 to 8080
  • the path to Solr
  • the name of the MySQL database storing user accounts
  • the name of the MySQL schema
  • the location of the MySQL schema
  • the environment variables defined on
  • the name of the MySQL schema file, from vufind_test.ini to vufind.ini

I also need to copy content from the previous production environment to the new production environment, but I suppose I would not need to do this if I were to copy them when I initially create my sandbox in the first place. In any event, they include:

  • interface/crra/css/common.css (for local styling)
  • interface/crra/css/style-about.css (for local styling)
  • layout-about.tpl (for local design)
  • the contents of interface/crra/About (for local links)
  • the contents of services/About (for local links)
  • the contents of web/etc (for the directory, mostly)

All of this doesn't count the local hacks/additions I've made to VUFind such as EADRecord.php, tweaks to MARCRecord.php, and the various Perl scripts used for indexing.

All in all though, much of the changes needed to upgrade from the sandbox to production have been listed here. 'Off to buy that winning lottery ticket now...

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