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Making CONTENTdm Collections Available for Harvesting

This process may vary from institution to institution. 

  1. Login to CONTENTdm Administration
  2. From the Server tab select Harvesting
  3. Click Edit on the OAI options line
  4. At the Edit OAI Settings dialog:
    • Select Yes for Enable OAI
    • Note the Base URL for OAI repository which you need for CRRA to harvest your collection
    • Supply your email address which will be transmitted with your harvested data
    • Name your repository to identify your library/University
    • For Enable compound object pages select No
    • Select edit to add or remove the collections you want to be harvested. A dialog box will appear. Be sure to click Save before closing the dialog box
    • Click save to save your settings
    • Send an email to CRRA reporting your base URL and the list of collections to be harvested. (See contact information below)

The diagram below is an example of what to expect when you have finished configuring your collection for harvesting.



If you have questions about harvesting content from your CONTENTdm collections, please contact Kevin Cawley (chair, Digital Access Committee) at [email protected]