Principles of Membership

The mission of the CRRA is to provide enduring global access to Catholic research resources. The CRRA pursues this mission by identifying Catholic research resources, establishing the Catholic portal and best practices for adding materials to it, ensuring a freely available resource, and building and supporting the network of libraries, archives, and other institutions that further this work. The CRRA is a not-for-profit membership alliance which operates to develop the Catholic portal and carry out the goals as defined by its membership. 

The purpose of the CRRA membership:

  • Achieve the aims and mission of the CRRA, and 
  • Sustain a sense of a special and distinctive set of libraries, archives and other memory institutions with a commitment to and capacity for supporting the shared mission of the CRRA. 

Membership in the Catholic Research Resources Alliance is thus focused on institutions sharing the values, goals, and interests of the Alliance. Where there are multiple independent libraries, archives and/or museums within a single institution, one membership will include all units desiring to participate.

Membership is based on four criteria:

  • Collections relevant to the scope and themes as articulated in the CRRA collection policy 
  • Capacity to support the CRRA through membership dues and participation in its activities
  • Ability to enable discovery and access to their collections via the Catholic portal
  • Ability to identify, contribute and maintain portal records on a continuing basis

Duration of Membership:

Membership is for one CRRA fiscal year, which begins July 1 and ends on June 30.


Approved, with revisions, by the CRRA Board of Directors on March 16, 2010.