About The Catholic Research Resources Alliance (CRRA)

The CRRA is a nonprofit (501c3) membership alliance of institutions collaborating to deliver projects and services in support of its mission "to provide enduring global access to Catholic research resources in the Americas." Our immediate focus is creating access to those rare, unique, and uncommon research materials which are held by libraries and archives in North America.

Our Vision, Mission and Strategic Directions are set by our member institutions:


The CRRA will foster a dynamic scholarly community by:

  • creating the freely available portal to Catholic research resources in the Americas;
  • sustaining the distinctive network of libraries, archives and other institutions that enable the vision; and
  • facilitating internationally the sharing of resources and scholarship.


The CRRA provides enduring global access to Catholic research resources in the Americas, beginning with access to the rare, unique and uncommon research materials.

 Strategic Directions

The Three Year Strategic Plan (2017/18 – 2019/20) sets five directions:

  1. Add value beyond discovery
  2. Expand scholarly participation
  3. Develop important, curated collections
  4. Expand CRRA’s sharing of resources and scholarship
  5. Secure the future

Under each direction, the initiatives lay the foundation for developing annual goals. Each year, members develop the annual strategic plan with the goals developed for the coming year.