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Catholic Portal Content and Scope


Portal content emphasizes rare, unique, and uncommon Catholic scholarly resources. The content and scope are more fully described in the Collection Policy Statement, as well as in this audio introduction by Collections Chair Stephanie Shreffler.


The Catholic Research Resources Alliance has identified twelve collecting themes. These themes are intended to encourage contribution of relevant institutional resources, but are not intended to be prescriptive. All formats, including manuscripts, books, ephemera, photographs, and artifacts are of interest. Portal records identify the owning institutions for non-digital resources and, where the resources exist in a digital format, link directly to the digital resource.

The twelve collecting themes include:

    1. Catholic Education
    2. Catholic Intellectual Life
    3. Catholic Literary Figures
    4. Catholic Liturgy and Devotion
    5. Catholic Missions
    6. Catholic Social Action
    7. Diocesan Collections
    8. Peace Building
    9. Religion and Citizenship
    10. Religious Orders, Men
    11. Religious Orders, Women
    12. Vatican II