Board of Directors

Mark Shelton, 2019/20 Chair

The Board of Directors is responsible for the overall direction and administration of CRRA. The Board ensures the the mission is maintained and approves strategic directions, annual goals, and budget. The Board determines the needs of the CRRA, establishes the criteria, rights, and responsibilities of  members, partners, and other participants, and ensures support sufficient to carry out the mission. Duties and expectations of Board Members can be found here.

2018/19 Board of Director Goals

  • Assess Board effectiveness (to be led by Governance Committee).
  • Oversee development and implementation of a strategic marketing plan for the Catholic News Archive
  • Explore and develop strategic partnerships and alliances around shared interests, such as the Catholic News Archive, in the next three years to position CRRA for a strong future.
  • Assess potential for revenue growth for CRRA and the Catholic News Archive (recognizing this is a tough financial environment)
  • Foster an association culture supportive of committee and member leadership and action (through use of new website functionality, more independence of action).

2017/18 Accomplishments

  • Adopted the recommendations of a task force charged with developing a financial model and plan for the Catholic News Archive. 
  • Supported ongoing engagement with the Catholic Newspapers Association of the United States and Canada around a shared interest in the Catholic News Archive.
  • Supported the successful proposal developed by Pat Lawton, CRRA Digital Initiatives, to complete digitization of the Catholic News Service historic newsfeeds 1920-1986 and the Catholic World in Pictures
  • Advised the executive director on implementing the new partnership with Capitol Hill Management Services for handling administrative, financial and website services.

CRRA Board of Directors for 2019/20

(in alphabetical order by last name after the chair)

1. *Mark Shelton, Ed.D., Director of Library Services, College of the Holy Cross (2017/18–2019/20); Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect 2018/19; Chair 2019/20
[email protected]

2. Emily Asch, MLS, Director of Libraries and Archives, St. Catherine University (2019/202021/22)
[email protected]

3. Sara B. Baron, Ed.D., University Librarian, Duquesne University (2016/172018/19, 2019/202021/22); Chair 2017/18; Past-Chair 2018/19
[email protected]

4. Paul Bracke, Ph.D., Dean of Library Services, Gonzaga University (2019/202021/22)
[email protected] 

5. John E. Buschman, Ph.D., Dean of University Libraries, Seton Hall University (2014/152016/17, 2017/18–2019/20)
[email protected]

6. *Millicent Gaskell, University Librarian and Director, Villanova University (2015/16-2016/17, 2017/18–2019/20); Secretary 2017/18-2018/19; Secretary 2019/20
[email protected]

7. Dan R. Gjelten, Director of Libraries, University of St. Thomas (2015/162017/18, 2018/192020/21)
[email protected] 

8. Felice Maciejewski, MLS, University Librarian, Dominican University (2019/202021/22)
[email protected]

9. Kristin Vogel, Library Director, St. Norbert College (2015/16–2017/18, 2018/192020/21); Treasurer 2017/18-2018/19
[email protected] 

10. Diane Parr Walker, University Librarian, University of Notre Dame (2012/13–2014/15, 2015/16, 2016/17, 2017/18, 2018/19, 2019/20); Vice-Chair 2013/14; Chair 2014/15; Past-Chair 2015/16-2016/17
[email protected]

11. *Kathleen M. Webb, Dean of Libraries, University of Dayton (2016/17–2018/19; 2019/202021/22); Secretary 2016/17; Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect 2017/18; Chair 2018/19; Past-Chair 2019/20
[email protected]

*Asterisks identify members of Executive Committee