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Board of Directors

Xan Arch, 2022/23 Chair

The Board of Directors is responsible for the overall direction and administration of CRRA. The Board ensures the mission is maintained and approves strategic directions, annual goals, and budget. The Board determines the needs of CRRA, establishes the criteria, rights, and responsibilities of members, digitizing partners and other participants, and ensures support sufficient to carry out the mission.

Duties and expectations of Board Members can be found here.


CRRA Board of Directors for 2022/23

(in alphabetical order by last name after the chair)

1.  *Xan ArchMLS, Dean of the Clark Library, University of Portland (2020/212022/23); Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect 2021/22; Chair 2022/23

2. *Emily Asch, MLS, Director of Libraries and Archives, St. Catherine University (2019/202021/22); Secretary/Treasurer 2021/22/23

3. *Paul Bracke, Ph.D., Dean of Library Services, Gonzaga University (2019/202021/22); Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect 2020/21; Chair 2021/22 Past-Chair 2019/20, 2022/23

4. *Caroline Fuchs, MLS, University Librarian, St. John's University (2021/22–2023/24); Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect for 2022/23

5. Millicent Gaskell, University Librarian and Director, Villanova University (2015/16-2016/17, 2017/18–2019/20, 2020/21–2022/23); Secretary 2017/182018/19; Secretary/Treasurer 2019/20

6. Nancy Hampton, Library Director, Xavier University of Louisiana (2022-2025)

7. Dr. Beth Pollicino Murphy, Executive Director of Libraries, St. Joseph's University, New York (2022-2025)

8. Leslie O'Neill, Director, Catholic Historical Research Center of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia (2021/22–2023/24)

9. Marianne Ryan, Ph.D., Dean of University Libraries, Loyola University Chicago (2021/22–2023/24)

10. Mark Shelton, Ed.D., Director of Library Services, College of the Holy Cross (2017/18–2019/20, 2020/21–2022/23); Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect 2018/19; Chair 2019/20; Chair 2020/21; Past Chair 2021/22

11. Dr Sheila Yeh, Associate Vice President for Libraries, University of St. Thomas (2022-2025)

*Asterisks identify members of Executive Committee