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About the Catholic News Archive

This digitizing program is inspired by conversations with scholars, students, consultants, librarians, archivists, granting agencies, historians, business owners, clergy, religious, and the leaders of other professional organizations. Stakeholders have been consistent: in addition to providing discovery of uncommon Catholic scholarly resources and collections, providing access to the thing itself is imperative. CRRA turned to its Scholars Advisory Committee to identify singular collections that are not digitized but of high value to a wide scholarly base. It identified three targets:

  • The Official Catholic Directory: The OCD (Villanova University) and The Official Catholic Directory and Clergy List (University of Notre Dame).
  • Catholic pamphlets, and
  • Catholic newspapers. 

With participation and support from the Association of Catholic Diocesan Archivists (ACDA), the Catholic Library Association (CLA) and Atla, CRRA is taking the lead to digitize historical Catholic newspapers.

CRRA also provides a subscription service that provides a secure, professional-grade, reliable and search-engine-friendly solution for Catholic publications seeking to maintain an online archive of current and/or historical issues. Learn more about the Catholic News Archive Community News Hosting Service.

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