Membership Committee


Committee Charge

The Membership Committee is advisory to the Board.  Its major objectives are to articulate the values of membership as well as grow and support the membership.   

2018/19 Goals:

  • Expand the pilot program for reciprocal resource-sharing to all members and partners.

  • Engage with 20 representatives through webinars and/or individual conversations on their priorities, activities and partnerships, to learn how CRRA priorities and services align with those of members and partners

  • Develop 4-5 information points for CRRA infographics.

  • Reach out to ten prospective members, strengthening the relationship and affirming the case with a goal of recruiting five new members.

  • Review proposals for revising the dues structure from the Executive Committee

  • Assess potential for revenue growth for CRRA and the Catholic News Archive, and potential impact of proposed category for financial supporters of the Archive from the Board

  • Review membership application and new member orientation

2017/18 Accomplishments
  • Conducted a pilot program with 11 participating members for reciprocal resource-sharing.

  • Held a webinar for CRRA library directors about CRRA services and tools.

  • Reached out to five current representatives about their priorities and goals to learn more about how CRRA can better align its priorities goals with those of members and partners.

  • Engaged with ten prospective members, including archivists of women religious congregations, to strengthen the relationship and recruiting four new members for 2018-19 membership year.

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