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Membership Committee

Kris Veldheer, Chair

Committee Charge

The Membership Committee is advisory to the Board. Its major objectives are to articulate the values of membership as well as grow and support the membership.

2019/20 Goals

  • Clearly communicate the value of CRRA membership to prospective and current members.
    • Learn from individual members why they are involved and their success stories.
    • Explore what non-members want and what the barriers are to membership; review membership benefits, criteria, principles, value.

2019/20 Accomplishments

  • Revised the Statement of Membership (replacing the Principles of Membership and Principles of Partnership).
  • Revised the Membership application form.
  • Discussed the value of joining CRRA and what it means for members.
  • Discussed and recommended CRRA develop a ROI statement for current and potential members to demonstrate value.
  • Explored and discussed what non-members want, barriers to membership in CRRA, and possibilities for reducing such barriers.
  • Discussed and recommended Membership Fee restructuring to CRRA Board.

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