Collections Committee

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The Collections Committee determines the scope and content to be accessible on or via the Catholic Portal and authors the CRRA Collection Development Policy.

2018/19 Goals:

  • Introduce use of the DAC-developed “rare tool,” which members can use to check their Portal MARC records against the number of holdings in Worldcat, thus facilitating the assessment of “rare.” Continue to promote use of the tool to members.

  • Coordinate collaborative digitization and discovery of parish histories in the Portal.

  • Provide advice on the creation of new LibGuides.

  • Contribute 4-5 blog posts highlighting CRRA or member collections.

  • Support Membership Committee efforts by collaborating on a webinar aimed toward orienting new members to CRRA programs and services.

  • Review and update the Resources by and About the CRRA page, under the Links and Resources tab on CRRA's website.

 2017/18 Accomplishments

  • Committee continued to explore the functionalities of the rare tool so that we can best promote and explain it to our members. Have discussed what methods of promotion would best suit our users’ needs. We believe having written documentation would help our users be able to easily refer to instructions on the tool’s use. Eric Morgan has written out these instructions and posted them on the CRRA blog.
  •  Identified several resources listed in the Report of 52 Resources which we feel would not be appropriate to link to, as their collecting scope doesn’t match CRRA’s.
  • Discussed how to promote this project to our members. We asked Eric Morgan if it would be possible to create a special “Parish Histories” link on the Portal Homepage. The answer is yes, but Eric mentioned several things we’d want to think about – such as why do this with parish histories and not other topics?  The University of Dayton has digitized its local-area parish histories as a “trial run” to help offer advice to other participants.
  • Through discussion with Ted Bergfelt, we discovered that the LibGuides Subcommittee was no longer active. We dissolved the subcommittee, but Ted will continue to work to create LibGuides when requested.


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