Catholic Newspapers Committee

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The Catholic Newspapers Committee is charged with establishing a program that will identify, locate, document, preserve and digitize North American Catholic newspapers, working systematically and collaboratively with members, scholars, and other associations.

2017/18 goals:

  • Submit three proposals for grants for newspaper digitization and the Catholic News Archive in consultation with the Board of Directors
  • Develop OCR text correction guidelines.
  • Work with CUA scholars to evaluate and demonstrate use of the Archive in the classroom, with a published paper and presentation as key deliverables.

View this committee's accomplishments for 2015/16.


  1. Megan Bernal, Chair (2014/15 – 2016/17)
  2. Noel McFerran
  3. Rob Behary
  4. Karen Berry
  5. Amy Cooper Cary
  6. Cait Kokolus
  7. Malachy McCarthy
  8. Jean C. McManus
  9. Tim Meagher
  10. Darren Poley
  11. Betsy Post
  12. Steven Szegedi
  13. Shawn Weldon

Catholic Newspapers Subcommittees

The Catholic Newspapers Committee includes several subcommittees and working groups: the CRRA Digitizing Partners who support our work to digitize the priority papers, the Digitization Agreement Group, and the Digitization Specifications Group. The Directory Group and the Repository Group have completed their work.

The CRRA Digitizing Partners


For a listing of the subcommittee members, click here.

Newspapers Digitization Specifications Working Group



The Newspapers Digitization Specifications Working Group is an ad hoc group that supports CRRA's Catholic Newspapers Program. Their work takes place May-June 2014, with a preliminary report at the CRRA All Members meeting May 8 at Marquette.


Develop digitization specifications based on national standards and tailored for the CRRA’s Catholic Newspapers Program for use by digitizing partners and CRRA members.



  1. Betsy Post, Chair
  2. Rob Behary
  3. Megan Bernal 
  4. Kate Dohe
  5. David Crawford
  6. Rose Fortier
  7. Demian Katz
  8. Shana McDanold
  9. Wendall Sullivan
  10. Pat Lawton ex officio

Work Completed

Newspaper Directory Working Group



To identify, explore, and recommend hardware and software solutions for the CRRA Newspaper Directory. This group's work was completed between Spring 2013 and Fall 2013.



  1. Rob Behary 
  2. Megan Bernal
  3. Shana McDanold
  4. Noel McFerran 
  5. Betsy Post
  6. Manda Vrkljan
  7. Pat Lawton ex officio


  1. Demian Katz, DAC Chair

Repository Working Group



The Repository Working Group is an ad hoc group that supports CRRA's Newspaper Digitization Program. This group's work was completed in January 2014. Click here for more information about the Repository Working Group.


The goal for the Repository Working Group is to identify and recommend strategies, options, and cost estimates for repository options for Catholic newspapers in digital form.

  • Identify the purposes and priorities for a CRRA newspapers repository solution
  • Evaluate 3-4 options such as Veridian, Islandora, NDNP
  • Develop repository options with cost estimates for implementation and hosting to include in the   concept proposal (to Board Feb. 2014)  

This recommendation will be part of a larger concept proposal to digitize Catholic newspapers and make them available and searchable through a repository. For the proposal, we will need cost estimates for digitization of the priority papers and for the repository solution.



  1. Betsy PostChair
  2. Rob Behary
  3. Megan Bernal
  4. Kate Dohe
  5. Demian Katz
  6. Leah Prescott
  7. Pat Lawton ex officio