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Digital Access Committee

kevin cawley.jpgKevin Cawley, Chair

Committee Charge

The Digital Access Committee (DAC) identifies metadata guidelines, best practices, and protocols for making metadata and content accessible via the Catholic Portal.

2019/20 Goals

  • Improve the user experience on the Catholic Portal.
    • Add more records for full text content.
    • Evaluate collection development policy/collection areas.
    • Gather feedback from Portal users.

2019/20 Accomplishments

  • This year DAC helped to plan and implement the Catholic Portal’s hosting transition to CRRA's new service provider, Andornot.
  • We continued to support full-text content from CRRA members through the Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting and through external references in MARC records.
  • As part of the transition to Andornot, DAC corrected problems with CRRA metadata and, with the latest version of VuFind, improved searchability.
  • We upgraded to the current version of VuFind, with its improved interface features.
  • With Andornot we developed a system that allows CRRA members to upload their metadata easily and efficiently.
  • In response to feedback from Portal users and CRRA members, we improved the presentation of search results and recommended changes, which were implemented, to the CRRA homepage.

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