Digital Access Committee

kevin cawley.jpgKevin Cawley, Chair

Committee Charge

The Digital Access Committee (DAC) identifies metadata guidelines, best practices, and protocols for making metadata and content accessible via the Catholic Portal.

2019/20 Goals

  • Improve the user experience on the Catholic Portal.
    • Add more records for full text content.
    • Evaluate collection development policy/collection areas.
    • Gather feedback from Portal users.

2018/19 Accomplishments

  • Continued to add full-text resources by harvesting metadata from OAI-compliant repositories.
  • Continued to provide tools and documents on creation of metadata records and technical issues, including the critical recipes to assist members in identifying and making records available for ingestion into the Catholic Portal.
  • Enabled members to identify the frequency of holdings though the “rare tool” developed in collaboration with the Collections Committee, thereby enhancing the usefulness of the Catholic Portal.

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