Digital Access Committee


kevin cawley.jpgCommittee Charge

The Digital Access Committee (DAC) identifies metadata guidelines, best practices, and protocols for making metadata and content accessible via the Catholic Portal.

2018/19 DAC Goals:

  • Support access to full content via the Portal using MARC records, EAD finding aids, and harvesting of OAI resources.
  • Expand outreach by providing documentation on technical issues, possibly using LibGuides; support a scan-on-demand program if the CRRA establishes one; and support linking to the Portal.
  • Offer help as needed with MARCedit, the EAD template, or metadata by creating and marketing an “Ask DAC” link on CRRA website.
  • Provide technical support for collaborative opportunities with other organizations or individuals.
  • Support hosted platforms for CRRA administration, to the content management system on the website, and for VuFind. Specifically help solve problems in the aftermath of migration. 

2017/18 Accomplishments:

  • Efforts were mainly focused on the website migration; DAC supported full-text access, but members have not been taking advantage of this support.
  • Completed several blog entries, some of which have appeared and some are scheduled to appear; linking to Portal has been promoted.
  • MARCedit webinar did not happen since we no longer have a MARCedit expert, however, there was some one-on-one support. 
  • We supported migration: Admin and CMS are completed, but VuFind is still at Notre Dame. 
  • Through discussion with Ted Bergfelt, we discovered that the LibGuides Subcommittee was no longer active. We dissolved the subcommittee, but Ted will continue to work to create LibGuides when requested.

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